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64 Grey Street, Clarence Town, NSW 2321

Responsibility. Reliability. Relationships

KRH is reliable and offers genuine pricing and quality workmanship.
We are known for coming up with solutions.

If you’re a maintenance superintendent, we can bolster your crew numbers.
If you have a problem, we can fix it.

KRH Mining

If you’re a maintenance superintendent, we can bolster your crew numbers. If you have a problem, we can fix it.

We’re a common-sense option and offer proactive maintenance, preventive maintenance, ongoing breakdown services, and onsite rebuilds. Our skilled technicians can work on Caterpillar, Liebherr, Hitachi and Komatsu shovels and draglines. We machine anything and everything, and fabricate.

We employ local people, and if we outsource anything, we use local businesses. Our safety record is second to none. Reliability, and safety is first and foremost. Our electricians test and tag everything and we’re known for our quality of work.

We’re responsible to our customers, our employees and the community in which we operate. For KRH to succeed, our clients must succeed, so we consider ourselves custodians of your business. Our motto: “Your success is our success.”

Our safety record is incredible and we provide industry-best working conditions, which has resulted in tremendous loyalty from our employees.

KRH “puts back in” to the community. Where possible we always employ locals, we take on apprentices, and we sponsor and support events and organisations in our neighbourhood.

We are reliable, offer genuine pricing and quality workmanship. We are also well regarded for coming up with cost-effective solutions, and as a result, have built long-standing relationships.

We are family owned and locally built but we compete with “the big boys” based on our skilled workforce, flexibility and honest approach. When we take on a job, our approach is that we are offering support. We work with clients to ensure the best outcome. The flow-on effect allows KRH to maintain focused employees intent on doing the best job possible for all clients.

As a family oriented business, we not only support the local community and sporting organisations but also actively encourage our employees to get involved for a better work-life balance. We don’t want them to miss their kids’ sports carnivals. These things are important and something you can never get back.


Mining Trade Services

KRH is genuinely available 24/7 to bolster your crew numbers. Our team of home-based skilled tradespeople can ensure your operations will continue to function smoothly.

We offer a wide range of services and are proud of our ability to go in and complete jobs. There is no waiting for other companies and tradesmen.

Line Boring and Liquid Nitrogen

KRH is the line boring specialist. Our reputation for reclaiming is built on honesty as much as skill and reliability, and the workmanship of our fitter machinists.

We are genuine when quoting and measuring before our specialists get down to business. KRH works reactively and proactively, and we machine if the equipment is out of specification. 

Mechanical Workshop

We have diesel specialists and offer 4WD and car servicing, and all work on brakes, clutches, steering and suspension. 

We provide registration inspections for light vehicles, trailers and caravans. KRH Mechanical offers fleet maintenance, and we repair mine-site light vehicles on-site, with any overflow easily accommodated in the workshop.

About KRH Mining Maintenance

To know where you’re going it’s handy to remember from where you’ve come. Originally qualified as a heavy vehicle mechanic, Forrest Saunders set up KRH in 2006 as a one-man show working out of a $3000 ute. He now employs 45 highly skilled tradesmen including line borers, plant mechanics, heavy vehicle mechanics, auto electricians, high-voltage electricians, fitter machinists and boilermakers to ensure your mining operations are making money.

After the last boom in the mining industry and then the consolidation phase, most of the big mining companies stopped offering long-term contracts. But KRH established such a good reputation in the mining service industry, we are one of the few businesses to have been locked-in to ongoing maintenance programs.

Forrest’s name is his word and he employs skilled and reliable employees to ensure all the relationships KRH has worked so hard to build are maintained.

Clients tell me what they want, and I make it happen. We’re not rigid and we rarely say no to anyone. We make clients’ business a priority, as opposed to just being a job number. And we can provide any number of services,” says Forrest.

It’s why I got into line boring. I’d pull a machine down and then have to wait two days for another company to come in and do its work. Now with the team I have assembled, I can do it in one job lot from start to finish.

Client Testimonials

KRH carried out the weld reclaim and site machining on the cabin levelling platform clevis bores. Daniel & Christian from their line boring team were on site Friday night within 2 hours of the bore issues being revealed. Weld reclaim on 2 bores and machining within 0.04mm tolerance was achieved in a shift.

Happily recommend them for future work.

Matt Stephens
Port Waratah Coal Services

I just wanted to say thanks on behalf of PWCS for your assistance on 07.08 shiploader last week in repairing the clevis bores. The fact that you were able to complete a site visit at very short notice, sit the PWCS induction and mobilise to site first thing the following morning enabled us to maintain our outage schedule despite the unplanned work.

The quality of the work and safe execution despite the tight timeframe and working into the evening is very much appreciated and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to others or utilise KRH on site for similar work in the future.

Ricky McLean
Port Waratah Coal Services


64 Grey Street, Clarence Town, NSW 2321 

Working hours:
Monday-Friday: 8:00am – 5:00pm